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Muscle Jel provides fast, effective pain relief without grease, stain or strong scent.

Muscle Jel is the highly effective, professional-grade therapeutic analgesic preferred by physical therapists, chiropractors, podiatrists and other medical professionals. View the full product line. It provides fast-acting relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. Muscle Jel is non-staining, greaseless and does not have a strong scent. Try our 2.7 oz. no-touch Glide-On or the convenient take-anywhere 4 oz. tube.

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  1. What are the benefits of using Muscle Jel?

    Muscle Jel is a topical analgesic that, when rubbed into the skin, relieves aches and pains of muscles and joints, backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. Muscle Jel is a clear, greaseless gel that does not stain clothing. It has a pleasant, soothing fragrance that quickly dissipates.

  2. What is the active ingredient in Muscle Jel?

    The active ingredient is menthol 3.5%. It is an external analgesic, which works in conjunction with camphor to relieve aches and pains of muscles and joints, backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.

  3. Do I need a prescription to get Muscle Jel?


  4. What sizes of Muscle Jel are available to purchase?

    Click here to see the available product sizes.

  5. How long before Muscle Jel expires?

    Muscle Jel expires two years after the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is stamped on each package.

  6. What if I’m not satisfied with the results?

    Muscle Jel comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Click here for further details.

  7. Does Muscle Jel cause an adverse effect if I am taking other medications?

    It is highly unlikely, but we recommend that you check with your healthcare professional before using Muscle Jel with other medications.

  8. Does Muscle Jel contain gluten-based or other grain-based products?


  9. Is Muscle Jel vegetarian-friendly?

    Yes. No animal-based products are used in the ingredients.

  10. Does Muscle Jel contain capsaicin?


  11. Is Muscle Jel listed with the FDA?

    Yes. Muscle Jel is manufactured in Carlstadt, NJ, by Water-Jel Technologies in an FDA-regulated facility. The facility is ISO certified and holds a CE certificate.

  12. If I am a medical professional, where can I buy to use or resell?

    Click here to find a medical distributor.